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Say "Good Bye" to your Bank and we'll say "Hello!"


Show your bank that you do have a voice in how they act and what fees they are going to pass on to you.


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We are your best alternative to a bank! We are a non-profit, federally insured option to the banking industry. We value our members and we offer stable and friendly service.



Become a Member today and enjoy our friendly service!


All you have to do is come by our office and fill out a Signature Card for our files. You will need to make an initial deposit of $25.00 which will stay in your savings account as long as you are a member. There is an "open account" fee of $1.00.



Our new charter allows all Metrocrest residents to join. Anyone that works in:


Carrollton, Farmers Branch or Addison ...


or any other legal entities that live, work, worship, or attend school in these cities, can join today!


This also includes immediate family members, and organizations that you belong to. Any employees of companiespreviously serviced by, continue to be eligible for membership.


Zip code listing for the MetroCrest Area: Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Addision























Farmers Branch



At Valwood Park FCU…

We take care of your money as though it is our own. 
We like getting to know our members. 
When you walk in, we know your name.
When you call on the phone, you will talk to a real person.


Our Goal …
Is to provide a stable financial environment for our members. 


We Are…
A not-for-profit company. We have been providing stable and sensible services for over 37 years. We currently service Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Addison.


Our Members…
Own the credit union. 
Each person who has an account with Valwood Park FCU owns a part of the establishment.


Our Earnings…
Are applied in ways that will improve our overall service to our members.


We Are Dedicated…
To serving the MetroCrest community -  Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Addison.

The Board of Directors is comprised of men and women from our active membership. These Directors do not receive compensation for their time and effort and are elected by the membership on an annual basis.


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