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If you don't have our Visa Debit Card and our MasterCard Credit Card, this is a great time to apply!

Discount Tickets:


Discount Tickets


Six Flags General Admission:  $48


Six Flags Season Pass:   $84


Season Pass for Six Flags & Hurricane Harbor - Combo Pass:   $94


Hurricane Harbor General Admission:  $35 - Valid through entire season


CINEMARK: $8.00- No expiration -  Only valid at Cinemark locations


Fort Worth Zoo – Adults $11.00, Child / Senior $9.00

ATM Uses




Our Drive Thru ATM is now ready for your deposits! Checks or cash!


You will need to be sure you have our "real time" MasterCard Debit Card in order to access this service.


Just select "Deposit" from the menu, and then follow the prompts for the type of deposit you wish to make.


Give it a try. Before you know it, you will be enjoying your very own 24-7 deposit service!



(Please call us if you need immediate credit on your ATM deposit)


Use MoneyPass to find ATMS with FREE withdrawals .


Locations include Wal-Mart,Sam’s, and Quick Trip gas stations.



Night DropOur Night Drop has been moved to a more convient location.


It is now on the North Wall as you walk up to the new front door.





Protection Against Rebuilt Wrecks On January 1, 2010, a new federal system aimed at protecting consumers from buying rebuilt wrecks took full effect, 17 years after the law requiring it was enacted. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System requires all states, insurance companies and junkyards to report vehicles that were stolen or so badly damaged that were written off.


Consumers can then check that database before buying a used vehicle. Approximately 2.5 million vehicles are"totaled" each year and about 1.5 million of them are fixed and returned to the road, according to the latest study done for the Department of Justice. Full participation will make it harder for someone to take a vehicle so badly damaged its title was marked as"salvage" to another state to get a"washed" title that does not show the evidence of its history, federal officials say. (, 1/10)


Visa PlusGreat News! We have added the Visa/ PLUS network to our ATMs.


More access - more convenience!

checkbook"GO" Checking is here!

Now you can enjoy the benefits of our "Auto Adjust" and Courtesy Pay Features. As of March 1, 2007, dividends will increase to .5%. Now you have a place to “GO”!


Valwood “GO” Checking gives you  “AUTO ADJUST” capabilities! Start with our FREE CHECKING - Go-Power Account - and move up to FREE BILL PAY and DIVIDEND PAYMENTS, just by meeting some simple account balance requirements.  That’s it! 


It’s that simple! You don’t have to call us. We will automatically give you credit whenever you meet the guidelines for our checking account types. You’re on the “GO” and so are we!

Lift Kit



NEW: Put a "Lift Kit" on your next CD!

Get ready to hit your home run with our new “Lift Kit” CD. Our “Lift Kit” gives you the option to raise the rate one time during the term of the CD.


This could be a great method for keeping up with the trend of increasing interest rates.



Home Banking


If you are new to Home Banking, you can begin using this service today by visiting the Home

Banking site , and then, click "enrollment" to Log In / Sign Up for Home Banking and/or Bill Pay. In order to enroll for this service you will need an active checking account with Valwood. For more information on Home Banking, please visit the Home Banking information page.



New Charter !

Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Addison... Do you live or work or worship in these cities? Then you are eligible to join! It's quick and it's easy.


Become a member today! All you have to do is come by our office and fill out a Signature Card for our files. It only cost $1.00 to join. You will need to make an initial deposit of $25.00.

Courtesy Pay

You can breathe a little easier with Courtesy Pay. Once in a while you may find that you need to "stretch" your budget until payday. That's when Courtesy Pay can really help you manage your money.

Just for fun....

Want to learn more about Digital Photography? Check out our new tenant's facilities.

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