We report to Equifax / CSC Credit Bureau.


Consumer information:www.csccredit.com . Order a copy of your credit file on-line, or, write to:

CSC Credit Services, Inc

Consumer Disclosure Processing

P. O. Box 981221

El Paso , Texas 79998-1221


For Free Credit Reports: (1 per year)



For Fraud

CSC Credit Services, Inc.

Fraud Victim Processing

P.O. Box 981223

El Paso , Texas 79998-1223

800-272-9281 Fraud Dept. to add an alert to the file


TransUnion 800-916-8800 P O Box 2000 , Chester, PA 19016



Experian 888-397-3742

P O Box 2104 , Allen, TX 75013



To order a copy of your credit file for all three bureaus www.guardmycredit.com


To learn more about your score, go to: www.myfico.com



You can add your home phone number to the Do Not Call List:

Do not call list register: https://www.donotcall.gov/register/Reg.aspx .

or call 1-888-382-1222