Bank Cards:

MasterCardThis card is offered to you with:


No Annual Fees

No Penalty APR

Low FIXED Rate


9.75% APR MasterCard :: 9.00% APR Gold Card




With Master Card you get email customer service. Ask questions. Gethelp. This service is available


If you lose your MasterCard, please call: 1-800-442-4757



MasterCard Credit Card

To apply for the MasterCard Credit Card , please download the application form and enter the requested information. Then print and FAX to us at: (972) 245 - 6783.


Please do not EMAIL forms to us due to internet security risks.

VISA - DEBIT CARD (for Checking and Savings Accounts!)

New Visa Debit Card

Once you have this card your transactions will be done in "real time". You can leave your check book at home!


This card is available for checking and for savings account members.


Shopping couldn't be easier! When you use this card, your purchases willautomatically debit your checking account.


The ATM network for “free” withdrawals is thru .MoneyPass


Locations include; Walmart,Sam’s, and Quick Trip gas stations. 


Just look for the MoneyPass logo on the ATM or visit and choose “ATM Locator”.


Travel Notice

Notice: Please let us know if you will be traveling outside the United States, or on a Curise Liner. We can then update your card to allow for these uses while you are on your business trip or vacation. This status update helps us reduce the risk of fraud for our members.


Lost / Stolen Debit Card:


Notice: As of May 1, 2015, there will be a $1.00 monthly fee for members that have a debit card, and only have a savings account, unless the minimum aggregate balance in the account is at least $5000.00 during the entire month.

If you are going to be using your card more than ten times in a 24 hour period, please call us so that we can determine if we need to notify the network. Remember, not all merchants report debit card transactions in 'real time'. So, there could be a 'hold over' from the previous day. This could make it appear that you are trying to use your card more than ten times in a 24 hour period.


Also, some merchants 'pre-authorize' the transaction. This 'pre-authorization' shows up as a transaction, even though it does not actually process thru the system. This means that the number of transactions you have left for a 24 hour period is reduced by the number of 'pre-authorized' transactions.

Cash Back

Remember, with a DEBIT CARD, you can get "Cash Back" with NO FEE at most participating grocery stores when you check out.


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